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There are moments of time when our lives turn from calm to chaos in a split second. Such was the case with Tom Matson, whose life suddenly went from a normal existence in Minnesota to a fight for survival when, after a hockey concussion, he had an MRI and was delivered the stunning and crushing news that he had a brain tumor.

In Unfrozen, author and father Tom Matson presents readers with an extraordinary look into his life and the hard-earned life lessons he gained on how to thrive following his diagnosis.

With a candid and poignant narrative, Matson seamlessly blend together stories from his childhood along with a detailed account of the medical and emotional journey that he embarked on to overcome his brain tumor. As a result, not only does he provide a thoughtful and loving legacy for his children; he also gives inspiration and hope for anyone who is going through a similar major medical battle directly or with a loved one. 






“Tom Matson is an author who is able to present his life challenges as blessings and gifts. He turned a life-changing diagnosis into a golden lesson.”

                        —Tim Homan, Leadership Coach


"Tom Matson is an author who speaks to our shared humanity—our hopes, dreams, and fears. This book will strike a chord and invite you to reflect on life's most essential question: Am I living an authentic life?”

                        —Rachel Williams, Leadership Strategist


“As a future medical professional, I recommend this book to all doctors and patients. Tom Matson takes you on an inspirational journey of courage and perseverance through emotional and physical obstacles. The reader will realize the true power of the human mind and brain. Anyone who has had any setback will be able to relate to Tom's story and will always remember to cherish life's gifts.”

                        —Andrew Beswerchij, student at the Michigan State University


"Tom Matson has perfectly captured the feelings of uncertainty and concern a parent feels on an uncharted health journey, especially one that could draw to a close in so many different ways. As someone who has recovered from a broken neck, I could relate on many levels to Tom’s pre- and post-surgery emotions and interactions with his loved ones.”

                        — John Ingwalson, father and survivor of a broken neck