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The life of the average American can be summed up in one word: busy. Busy with work, busy with kids’ activities, busy packing too many things into the day. While running ourselves ragged seems to be the norm, it’s important to stop and ask ourselves: does it have to be this way?

Every event in our day is the result of a decision we’ve made. So, instead of staying 45 minutes late at work to finish up an important email, how about deciding to go home and ask your child about his or her day?  It can be as simple as deciding to put your phone away during a conversation with someone.

Journey in the Present explores various ways to awaken a greater sense of self-awareness and live more authentically. With each chapter containing inspiring anecdotes and powerful questions to trigger self-reflection, your journey toward mindfulness starts today.

All net proceeds from Journey in the Present go to brain tumor & epilepsy research.






“Tom Matson, author of Unfrozen, once again brilliantly takes us on a journey with humanity.  He engages us in the complex dance of creating a values-based life.  A process that is filled with hope, love, pain, reflection, growth and inspiration.  Engage and enjoy the adventure.”
-Tim Homan, Father/Life Coach

“Tom Matson’s authenticity is woven through personal narratives that invite the reader to share in his life experiences.  These narratives, coupled with questions for reflection, create an opportunity for readers to unpack their own thoughts, feelings and questions about the life they are leading and who they want to become.”
-Jaime Gaard Chapman, Student-Athlete Development Coach

“Journey in the Present is a beautiful mosaic of Tom’s personal leadership narratives and expertise in positive psychology.  It’s a simple, powerful guide for anyone seeking more truth in life.”
-Rachel Williams, Human Resources Executive

“In the current trend of American culture, Tom Matson has written a countercultural gem.  Journey in the Present hits on a number of important themes like savoring, being in the moment, balance and learned optimism.  These themes are approached through his willingness to be vulnerable and authentic.  We are reminded that none of us are immune to adversity in this life, and instead of wishing for different circumstances, we ought to meet the adversity head-on and search for the greater meaning in it and the good that can come from it... even amidst painful struggle, Carpe Diem.”
-Dr. Brandon Orr, Sports Psychology Consultant & Professor

“Journey in the Present is a moving legacy that challenges each of us, without judgment, to stop wherever we are, identify our values and evaluate whether we are operating in alignment therewith.”
-Andrea Hedtke, Attorney and Lucky Mama to Three Beautiful Girls 

“Journey in the Present provided me daily moments of reflection and insight.  I was reminded to slow down and by so doing, it helped me to understand that as a culture, we all deal with a lot of the same challenges, but we can own change and embrace change.”
-Brian Luccio, Sales Executive

“Journey in the Present spoke to me in the most raw, authentic way and created a deep yearning for soul-searching to the point that I began reevaluating my values, definition of life success and even future relationships.  Tom Matson’s gift as a writer is in his ability to draw the reader into his authentic stories in a way that allows them to move out of their current mindful state and move forward in life in a more healthy and positive way.”
-Ramon Hill, Leadership Development Consultant

“Journey in the Present was unlike any book I have ever read, and I found myself thinking about Tom’s words and introducing conversations with loved ones about all that I processing and feeling.  The beauty of Tom’s writing is in his questions.  How many (authors or books) ask you vs. tell you?  I was left processing relationships and opportunities in my future aligned with my values and less about others’ approval.”
-Kristen Brunkow, Young Professional 

“Tom’s thought-provoking chapters made me evaluate how I choose to live my life.  The way he speaks from his heart is refreshing and grabbed my attention throughout the book.”
-Gabriel O’Shea, Executive Director

“Rarely does someone come along like Tom Matson, who has seen one of the greatest challenges life can offer and taken that opportunity to discern heartfelt, and meaningful reflections for the benefit of others.”
-Greg Harbaugh, NASA Astronaut (retired)